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Dětenice Château Resort

The Baroque château in Dětenice is an ideal location for relaxing vacations as well as festive or corporate events. As according to your wishes, we can arrange for weddings and the following reception, any corporate events (meetings, trainings, presentations, banquets etc.) as well as concerts, balls, theatre performances etc.

The Dětenice Château offers:

  • 14 fully furnished rooms
  • Unique collection of weapons from the Knights of Malta
  • Baroque and Renaissance wall paintings
  • Paintings that date from the Baroque era

Tours of the château and any celebrations or events can be enlivened by:

  • Welcoming by Albrecht von Wallenstein,
  • Halberdiers at the entrance gate,
  • Trumpeters in front of the château welcoming the coming guests with fanfare,
  • Gunfire,
  • Fireworks,
  • Knight tournaments in the Château park

The Château park, 4 ha, can be used for:

  • Garden Parties,
  • Accompanying Programmes and Period Contests,
  • Marriage Ceremonies and Corporate Events